Brian and I need to raise quite a bit for our adoption grant fund.  And we need to do it quickly because our dossier is on the way to Bulgaria very shortly.

We thought that it would be lots of fun to try an envelope fundraiser – or in our case, a Valentine Fundraiser – and to offer a chance at a really neat prize: a brand new Samsung Chromebook.

Here’s how it works:

  • Choose one of the little cherub valentines (comment below to let us know which one you’ve chosen)
  • Donate the amount that corresponds to the number on your valentine directly to Reeces Rainbow through PayPal
  • Email us your confirmation (nissa_@_gadboisfamily_._com) from Reece’s Rainbow, along with your home address.
  • The graphic will be updated to show which numbers have been claimed.
  • On St. Valentine’s Day (my fave fun holiday), we will draw one person at random to receive a brand new Samsung Chromebook laptop computer!

Claim as many valentines as you would like, each entry increases your chances of winning.

At Home With the Gadbois Family |Samsung Chromebook Giveaway

UPDATE:  Valentines 1- 16, 18, 19-21, 25, 28, 30 and 70 are claimed!

And when all of the Valentine’s are spoken for, our Reece’s Rainbow FSP will be almost $7000!  Please share our giveaway on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, email, and whatever other social media that I am blissfully unaware of.  Feel free to pin our graphic above (and re-pin as it updates).  Claim as many valentines as you wish.  Each one counts as an entry, so the more you claim, the better your chances of receiving the prize! And every donation through Reece’s Rainbow is tax deductible.

At Home With the Gadbois Family |{GIVEAWAY} Samsung Chromebook

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{Made for Learning} | Three Part Cards

Three part cards are an important element of Montessori materials.  They are extremely versatile in that you can use them as aids in a wide variety of subject areas.  Use them for maths, reading, science, geography… anything.  And they are very simple to make and to customize to your family’s needs.  You can copy and paste images to trace or print onto your cards, or, if you are particularly handy with a paintbrush or coloured pencils, you can create your own artwork.

{Made for Learning} | Three Part Cards

For simplicity’s sake, I made colour nomenclature cards for my littlest ones to work with.  They are super-quick to make and you probably have the materials right there at home.

{Made for Learning} | Three Part Cards

  • 12 index cards (or cut your own from white or cream cardstock)
  • watercolour paints
  • brushes
  • water
  • permanent marker
  • scissors
  • laminating sheets and laminator (optional)

I chose to do primary and secondary colours, but you can do as many as you’d like.  Add in brown, black and white, make tertiary colour cards…  I just mixed my own from what I had here.

{Made for Learning} | Three Part Cards

You want to paint squares of each colour on pairs of cards – two red ones, two blue ones, etc.  When they are dry, print the names of the colours on the cards.  In hindsight, I should have printed ours in D’Nealian handwriting since that’s what I’m teaching them.  Easily done over later.

{Made for Learning} | Three Part Cards

{Made for Learning} | Three Part Cards

Now take one set of cards and cut them in half.  You now have three part cards – one complete card set to be used as the control cards, one set of colours, one set of printed colour names.  I feel that it is a really good idea to laminate the cards if you can.  it is spendy, however.  Laminating makes the cards last much longer, and you can wipe them clean in case a baby brother gets ahold of them while snacking. :)
{Made for Learning} | Three Part Cards
Alternately, you could paint decoupage medium (like Mod Podge) over the front and back of each card.  You’ll probably want to do several coats, and probably before cutting the cards.

Now, to use the materials, show your little one all of the cards – controls and their matching picture and name cards.  Show them how they match up, that the letters in the words match the ones on the control cards.  Now, let your little one try.  Take up all of the ‘cut’ cards and mix them around.  Leave the control cards out at first.  Let her match them up.  Let her make mistakes and then ask if everything matches exactly.  Point out errors so that she can understand what to look for next time.

Eventually, she will be able to recognize by sight which words go with which colours, without using the control cards.  And she will start to be able to pick the words out of books she’s reading with you.

{Made for Learning} | Three Part Cards

You can do the same with letters and sounds, numbers and their qualities, shapes, natural science, history – whatever you can think of.  This is also a fun way of introducing English as a second language to an older child (which we will soon be doing), or of introducing a foreign language to your children.

I would love to see the cards you come up with.  Send me a link when you make some!


God’s Masterpiece

by Nissa on 5 January, 2015

in Children, Family Centered Living


Nap Time

This world and all within it
He created here for man;
But Baby was “God’s Masterpiece”
Since time and life began! – Excerpted from “God’s Masterpiece” by Dora Dinsmore

I am a 365 photo project flunkie.  But here is one I took today, while Georgie napped.  It reminded me of one of my favourite childhood poems, included in a sweet little book that my mother had from my birth.


Ten For Two Challenge

by Nissa on 4 January, 2015

in Adoption, Family Centered Living

Brian and I are issuing a challenge. We want to see if we can get to our fundraising goal in 24 hours. If you are reading this, it would be great if you would to go to Mission Adoption and donate $10.

That’s it, just $10.

When you have done that, grab a copy of our graphic and share our story (feel free to copy and paste from the campaign page) on your own blog, with your email groups, with your friends and family.


If you are on Facebook, make the graphic your profile picture and add this as a description:

“I gave $10 to change the lives of two children forever.

I want the following friends to do the same (tag 10 friends or more).”


The tagging is crucial.  That’s how we get more people to help.

If you have already donated through Reece’s Rainbow, or through PayPal, thank you!

If each of our blog readers gives $10 right now, we will  raise enough to cover all of our adoption fees and travel expenses, with enough left over to really prepare our home with new furniture, clothing, and homeschool curriculum for N and N.  And we will do it in just hours.

Ten for Two Challenge

Ten for Two Challenge

Ten for Two Challenge

Ten for Two Challenge


Robin Sings

by Nissa on 2 January, 2015

in Reflections

English Robins

If you look very closely, you can see Mrs. Robin just inside the tree, sitting on her nest.


Robin :

Robin sang sweetly
When the days were bright:
‘Thanks, thanks for summer,’
He sang with all his might.

Robin sang sweetly,
In the autumn days,
‘There are fruits for everyone;
Let all give praise.’

In the cold and wintry weather,
Still hear his song:
‘Somebody must sing,’ said Robin
‘Or winter will seem long.’

When the spring came back again,
He sang, ‘I told you so!
Keep on singing through the winter
It will always go.’  ~ Anonymous

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