Night-time Ride

Picking their father up at the airport is, and always has been, an event for the children.  This was the first time the younger children saw Boston at night-time.  Normally Brian’s flights come in during daylight hours.  If they’re late flights, he generally gets a lift home from the limo service.  On this particular night, we bundled all of the kids into their jammies, packed up blankets, stuffed animals, and snacks and settled in for a fun one-hour drive to the airport.

I had Cate and Jack try their hands at snapping photos through the drizzle and at speeds faster than our shutter can manage.  But we like the results.

The Pru

Signs above, headlights below

lighted signs looking like ribbon candy.

another view of the Pru

I wonder what Paul Revere would think of the view nowadays?