Rite of Spring:: Re-organizing

It seems that every spring I get the urge to re-organize everything.

My re-organization always begins with schedules and forms for my home management book.  I’ve also been refining the chore system that Brian and I designed for our kids several years back.  I hope that one day, I’ll have all of these things down to a perfect science so that I won’t have to edit or refine anymore. I think that’s an unrealistic expectation.  Our family changes constantly as children grow, our business changes, and our specific wants and needs shift.

I am unable to function in a chaotic environment. We live in a very tiny house – at least, it’s tiny for a family of ten.  I need to be hyper-organized in order to get through each day.  Lately… Actually, since we started packing out to move to the farm we thought we had locked up, our house has been a disaster area.  We still have boxes in the hallway, piles on the desk and floor in our entry-cum-office.  It feels very much like all of our time is spent cleaning up small messes while simultaneously trying to keep looking for a new home and keeping our businesses running.  Not a lot of school-work or fun is being accomplished…

Since I can’t immediately change our living arrangements, I can get us back on a scheduled routine.  If you have read my old blog “Simple Gifts” you’ll remember that our daily schedule is called an “Horarium”, which is a borrowed term from Benedictine monastic tradition.  The times and tasks haven’t changed much from what we’ve always had, but the little poster I hang up for all to see has a new image, new fonts.  Here’s how it turned out::


And here is a link to a blank one that you can fill in::

Blank Horarium

Our laundry days have become a jumble – sort of catch-as-catch-can affair, and also needed a slight shift from what we had before.  Brian had made a very handy laundry schedule about 18 months ago.  I simple added an image, changed the fonts, and rearranged things a bit::

Laundry Day

And here’s a blank one for you to fill in for your home::

Blank Laundry Day

Because our family learns better with a less regimented “school” schedule, with plenty of field trips, long talks, good books, movies, and audio, I came up with this little reminder poster – bright and cheerful::

Gentle Reminder – Schoolwork

Please help yourself to a blank reminder chart (you can fill it in with anything you want to remind your children of, not just homeschool things).  You can get the same effect I got by using brightly coloured Sharpie markers::

Gentle Reminder – Blank

And finally, I’ve got the chore record for us to either post or keep in our home management book.  Our children receive a lanyard which holds laminated labeled with various chores.  We used to change those out daily, but it became quite a lot of work with such a large bunch.  Our oldest two will have permanent chores, and the younger children will have chores that change weekly or monthly.  When their chores are completed to our satisfaction, we mark the box next to their names for that day.  I still feel like I need some sort of sweet illustration at the top of the sheet, but hadn’t found one I love.  Not yet.::

Chore Record

This will be part of our newest edition chore system, which we will make available when we’ve got an illustrator for the complete project.

All I need to do now is put together Student Planner/Record Books for our kids to use to record what they’ve completed each day.  The older kids will also have project planning sheets for those things they wish to work on.  When I’ve completed the template, I’ll post a blank one for you to print for your child’s binder.

I hope you’ll find the blanks useful in some way.  If you have any questions about how to use them, please go ahead and ask…