I’ve been feeling a little creatively empty lately. No beautiful posts to post, no photos, no inspiration…  Just nothing.

Photo Credit:: Cate

I think that is due in large part to the fact that our life as family is up in the air – and has been for several months.  What I mean is that we are still looking for a new nest.  We’re both, Brian and I, hoping that my juices will start to flow again once we’re settled in a new home.  But we don’t know when – or even WHERE – that will be.

Another possibility for my lack of motivation is my change in activity.  I’m finding new networks to be involved in.  I need that change – but change is so very difficult.  I was feeling that the groups I’d been involved in for many years were adversely affecting me – stealing my joy.  I quit just about everything to give myself the chance to re-evaluate where best to spend my screen time once I’m ready to get back to it.  But the silence has been a challenge to adjust to.

Photo Credit:: Cate

On the other hand, there is a degree of joy in just *being* right now.  School (theirs and ours) has kept us busy.  We’ve been out in the beautiful sunshine planting a big raised-bed garden and dreaming of canning and pickling projects later this summer.  We’ve got about half our garden built and planted – perhaps next week we’ll finish it all up.

Photo Credit:: Cate

Today was a particularly productive one.  Our new online magazine – “Family Centered Living Magazine” has finally gone live.  It’s the culmination of years and years of contemplation and planning.  We’re all really pleased at the results so far.  I have a feeling that my involvement with FCLM and our other online magazines will be a source of renewal for me.

It occurred to me that this dry spell is not so very unlike the dryness we sometimes experience in our prayer lives.  The trick is to persevere.  Keep on plugging away and something will begin to break – like new green shoots from dormant seeds beneath the earth.

PUSH – persevere (and pray) until something happens