It’s a…


We’ve evened up the numbers – 4 sons and 4 daughters.  I like things to be nice and even, balanced.  The news is too new to have sunk in completely yet.  I thought that I’d have set straight to work shopping, sewing, knitting.  Instead I’m waiting…  I’m waiting for the reality to dawn that we’ll welcome a little gal after two very rambunctious boys.  She’s in awfully good hands as far as protection goes.  I’m certain that “the sons of thunder” will flank her every move, ready to challenge anyone they perceive as any kind of threat to their little princess.

So while I’ve got a pile of sewing, knitting, crocheting, and embroidery to do – and a new Christening gown to design, I’ve got lots of time to think of a name for our little darling.  After three older daughters, I feel like I could use a little help deciding.  In order to encourage folks to suggest names for the baby, I’m doing a giveaway – a little gift of handmade soaps and balm worth between $20 and $30 (check back later for a photo).  All you need to do is to leave a comment below with your vote or suggestion.

To help you out, I’ll tell you a little bit about us.  Brian is French Canadian, I am largely Celtic (a combination of English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish).  None of our children have Celtic names, but of course, Brian does – ironic.  Our children all have very conventional names, no oddities – my name is odd enough for the entire family.  We’re Catholic, so we like names that also belong to Saints, or are somehow related to them; and we like to name our children after special people in our lives (relatives, friends, etc.)

So far, our roll call includes::

Catherine Elizabeth

Andrew John

Caroline Grace

William Henri

Sophie Mireille

Louis Charles

James Edward

On our list of possibilities so far are::

Cecilia Jane

Emma Charlotte

Josephine Violet


Evangeline (most likely as a middle)




So as I said, just leave a comment to this post with your vote – or a whole new suggestion – and we’ll choose a name at random to take the prize!