Papa Blogs:: A new beginning

As we celebrate the season of Advent in our home, which is also the beginning of the Church year, I thought it would be a good time to also begin posting my thoughts to the family blog.

I am viewing this coming year as a significant time in our family history, a story that is unfolding before me daily to my total amazement.  After a 5 plus year search for a family homestead, a search that took us across New England and as far away as Kentucky, we are patiently waiting for final approvals on a farm in close by to our current home.  If all goes well, we will be moving to our new home in the spring, and with that will come a major shift in our very way of life. We will begin a commercial farming operation and raise food and animals for our own family’s needs.  This will also provide us an opportunity to raise food for friends and neighbors in need of healthy food.

While we were looking for our new home, I took a short absence from my schooling in the Diaconate program in the Diocese of Worcester.  I will be returning to the program in January.  With 18 months remaining to ordination as a Deacon, I will be starting my internship shortly after returning to class.  This will also mark a significant change in my faith journey as I begin active ministry in our new parish home.

And not the least signifantly, we welcomed our eighth child, Josephine, into our family this past month.  With children ranging in age from 18 to newborn – we will have that many more family activities and events on the horizon.

So as I begin a new year, I look forward with great anticipation (and a little apprehension) to find out how the road God has laid out for us will continue to reveal itself.