St. Lucia Day

Saffron buns and hot coffee before dawn. Every 13th of December.  Except this one.  Our family has found itself busier than ever this year.  Our adult daughter is working, we have a new baby, three preschoolers, three “schoolers”, and Brian and I working, planning, and studying.  I nearly forgot altogether until Brian’s cell phone rang at the book store.  It was our oldest daughter Cat, asking to speak to me.


“Yeeees?” I replied while not-so-deftly transferring a huge pile of books to a convenient shelf.

“Did you want me to make the Lucy buns tonight?”

Panic shot through my body like a jolt of electricity. How on earth did I manage to forget?  I mean, this is our *big deal* Advent celebration.  Sheesh!  I hadn’t made the wreath for Cat to wear (probably her last year as Lucy), I hadn’t made more star boy hats for the boys.  A million self-abusive thoughts ran through my mind in a nanosecond.  What a terrible mother!  I’m supposed to be making memories for my children, upholding traditions…  I wonder now what my face looked like.

Then suddenly a moment of inspiration and calm came over me (Sweet Guardian Angel, my thanks).

“No,” I told Cat. “We’ll do them tomorrow and have them for snack instead”

“OK” she replied.  And after a few more pleasantries, she rang off.

I had come, mercifully, to the conclusion that it didn’t matter what time of day we had our Lucy buns; that adhering slavishly to tradition was pointless if it meant putting undue strain on myself, my husband, my children.  And it occurred to me that making the buns together with the little children would change things up a bit, and make a lasting memory for all of us.

You might say a light dawned on me.  Thank you God for using St. Lucia’s feast day to illumen my heart and mind to the real reason we create and keep traditions, and directing my focus to the true Light.

If  you are interested in reading more about St. Lucia’s Day, please accept my gift of this article to you.

It includes a recipe for Lussekatter (Lucy buns) for you to try.  And don’t worry if you can’t make them today, make them anytime and enjoy them with your precious ones.