Papa blogs:: My favorite gifts …

My "hand" made shirt

As we approach Christmas this year, the family is abuzz with work on hand made gifts for brothers, sisters and parents.  It always puts a smile on my face, as I feel there is nothing better to give than something that comes straight from the heart.  I look back with fondness of my favorite gifts.  Over my dresser is the cross-stitched picture of the bald eagle my oldest daughter Catherine made me for Christmas many years ago.  Next to it a picture of William raking leaves in a hand painted and decorated frame.  Over my desk, a cork board covered in felt with hand made push pins made by the kids.

And my absolute favorite – hanging in the closet – a black T-shirt with a paint handprint of all my dear Children.  I love to wear it on my business trips away from home when I am alone in a hotel room.  It keeps them all close to my heart.  None of these cost much to make, but each was made with love for me and were made using their individual gifts from God.  I love each one and look forward to looking under the Christmas tree to find out what I get to add to my collection this year.