Towards Beauty in 2011:: Eat, Pray, Love

No, not the book. Nor the movie. I haven’t read the former (though it is sitting in my book basket), nor seen the latter. However, the title has inspired me to think about those three acts, and how important they are to my life. To all our lives.

So here is what I am proposing:

Eat:: Well

– lots and lots of good, clean water (check out the pretty water jug Mary Ellen has on her counter)
– I’m interested in trying the Gerson Therapy diet for a period of three weeks as a detox/healing regimen
– prepare whole, organic foods from scratch
– try some raw food recipes
– reduce our gluten and refined sugar

Pray:: Consistently

– Morning and evening prayers with the whole family
– Friday rosary with family and friends
– Keep a little list of short prayers to pray when the going gets tough during the day
– Keep a sacramental object in my pocket to grasp when I’m tempted to shout or say something I’m going to regret

Love:: Completely

A tricky one, this. Love is a verb as well as a noun. The act of loving is not as easy as one would imagine. It means doing things we don’t necessarily want to do for the benefit of ourselves (self love) or another. It’s clear to see how “Pray” is going to help with “Love”.

– Speak with warmth and patience – even when repeating the same directions/requests for the gozillionth time
– Be patient with myself, especially when my health affects my capabilities
– Think of others with appreciation, and speak of them with praise because they too are formed in the image and likeness of God
– Forgive myself for mistakes I have made, and will make
– Forgive those whom I have felt hurt by
– Utter a silent blessing – or offer one aloud – for everyone my eyes are graced to look upon. (an old habit I’d like to renew)