It has been quiet.

Brian has been in Seattle this week.  Something happens when he is away.  It is always a wonder to me.  There is a stillness, a waiting.  Adding to that stillness is the hush that falls with snow.  And there is plenty of that here, too.

And waiting is something we are well acquainted with.  We are just over 60 days into a 120 day waiting period for approval of our farm purchase.  The anticipation is building now that we have passed the half-way point.  Our little house seems to be shrinking.

I’ve been passing the time poring over magazines and design books, dreaming up how our new home will look.  Planning the gardens – flower gardens, vegetable gardens, herb gardens.  I’m dreaming about how the rooms will be arranged and especially about the room that will become my very own studio.  In my mind, friends and family are gathering to warm our nest with their love.  It is a place filled with joy.

But for now, we wait. Quietly.