Craving Green

It always happens this time of year.  No matter how much we are enjoying winter’s pleasures, our thoughts begin to turn to spring.  And growing things. Maybe it is because there is such a lack of colour.  Skies are gray, the leaves have all gone, the birds have flown away to warmer climes.  And the ground is covered with a thick blanket of white.

It is exquisitely sparkly.

But without colour.  And we are beginning to crave GREEN.

So this week I allowed the kids to use a teaspoon of chia seed from the pantry to sprout.  The wonderful thing about chia is that it provides nearly instant gratification.  By the next morning, the children could observe tiny threads emerging from the seeds.  Over the next several days, roots crept out and nursery leaves stretched upward toward the light.  Yesterday, the miniature garden was transferred to a terra cotta pot filled with potting mix and is bringing a little bit of springtime to the kitchen.

It is hopeful.

Grow your own::

dessert plate

paper towel, dampened

1 tsp. chia seed, dampened

small clear glass mixing bowl or wide-mouthed jar (pint should do nicely)

spritzer bottle with water

potting mix

terra cotta pot


Place the dampened paper towel on top of the overturned dessert plate.  Spread your dampened seeds evenly onto the paper towel and spritz if needed. Place your glass bowl over the top and set your terrarium in a sunny spot.  In about 3-4 days, your chis should be ready to transfer to the pot.  Simply place the paper towel right on top of the soil, trimming the edges to fit neatly.  Make sure your potting mix is plenty wet so that your chia won’t wilt.  Place on your table, or in your home-school room to enjoy.

Happy, blessed weekend to you!