Saint Brigid’s Blessing

Barmbrack in the oven and candles being made can only mean that it is the Feast of St. Brigid.

Long-time readers will remember how special she is to our family.  She is my spiritual midwife; and she watches over our babes with her prayerful attention.  She has been my constant companion through sleepless nights with new babes, children who are ill, and worrisome moments during my pregnancies.

This blessing sums up what I wish for my children.

St. Brigid’s Blessing

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Through her holy intercession
With our Father in Heaven,
May St. Brigid bless you and make you
Generous in your giving,
Pleasant in your greeting,
Honest in your speaking,
Loyal in your loving,
Clear in your thinking,
Strong in your working,
And joyful in your living
And when it’s time
For your homecoming,
May there be peace in
Your passing and a warm
Welcome in heaven.


Blessed Feast to you and yours!