Peals of laughter.  They are coming from a chubby, golden-haired little girl wearing nothing but her diaper.  She flies around the living room floor, arms outstretched, bobbed tresses flitting around her head in every direction.  She stops and looks at me with rosy cheeks bunched up, smiling widely.  She says nothing to me, but her precious Mongolian eyes sparkle a million “I love yous”, and I know that she is happy.  And I am happy.  So blessed that she is here.


Sent by God to bring us joy.  Teaching us to love without condition.  To love each other, love our lives.  Just as they are today. To give thanks for every day in all circumstances…


I wake from the dream.  Aching to hold my own Annie.  Whispering the question “Lord, will you send her?”