Colour Me Happy

I’ve found a new food love.


Oh, they are exquisite.  I had heard of them, even seen them in the store, but have never tried one.  I brought home a little jewel box of them for the family to try.  Generally, we are adventurous eaters.  We enjoy trying unusual foods – particularly those that can be found in the produce department of our local grocery.  Andrew Zimmern would be so proud.

Sunday night, to accompany Brian’s homemade chicken quesadillas, I offered each to eat of those glowing egg-shaped baubles of citrus-y glory.

Did you know that you are supposed to eat them skin and all?  And it makes all the difference in the world.  The bitter sweetness of the rind is followed by an eruption of sourness from the flesh.  As you feast upon this ellipse of pure sunshine, the sweet perfume of the peel completely envelopes your senses, swirling around and around, growing sweeter all the time.


I am being romantic about it.  As I said, I am totally in love. Consider all of the possibilities:: pickling, candying, slicing onto salads or desserts, making a marmalade from. I weep to think that they are only available for such a short time each year.

There are other opinions, however.  Most of the family were rather nonplussed by the kumquat experience.  But Sophie said that they taste like having a nightmare.

That simply leaves more for me to enjoy.