Before the Rush

As soon as the weather softens, and the days lengthen, one of them will ask: “Mama, can we go to the village?”

Hours and hours of walking, running, exploring are no more than a twinkling when you have such beautiful surroundings.  The buds haven’t broken yet, the blossoms are still waiting to break forth in all their frothy glory.  Even at its barest, still so lovely.

Quiet until the season takes hold, we are almost alone, excepting a few small school groups.  Perfect for finding inspiration in details overlooked in a bustle. And there was much to inspire.  And much good use to put that inspiration to.  In just a few short days more.

Come along::

Child's Bedroom at the Fitch House


Back Entrance to the Salem Towne House

Parlour at the Towne House



More of the Parlour


Dining Room at the Towne House.


I love the light in this room. So warm and gentle.


Upstairs Bedroom in the Towne House. Such a beautiful quilt on the bed.


Bonnets and clothing left out in the large muraled bedroom.


This Masonic symbol is painted on the ceiling of the large upstairs room.


I love the canopy on this bed. Doesn't every girl dream of such a cozy place to slumber and dream?


We close on our farm Monday, 25th April.  The day I commence my 5th decade. Momentous, thrilling.  We’re so looking forward to sharing that adventure with you.