Welcome home

Easter, Passover, Spring… new beginnings.  The month of April co-incides with the month named “Nissan” on the Jewish calendar.  It means “beginning” or “first”.

Brian and I spent most of yesterday afternoon, with Joséphine, our attorney, realtor, banker and his attorney… waiting.  While we waited, we enjoyed each other’s company, and prayed.  We were waiting for the attorney for the seller to arrive.  She was running behind schedule.  Our closing was slated for 1:30.  We finished signing a little bit before 4PM.  Perhaps we’ll write more about that later…

We sped home, ate a hasty meal of leftover Easter dinner (oh, lamb! how I adore you), bundled all of the family into the Squirrel and headed home.  HOME.

We pulled into the drive, opened the doors and children tumbled out.

“Is it ours now?”  “Can we go see?” “May I have a rocking chair?”

We led them up the farm road, let them roam, run, climb, hoot, holler, cheer – praise, give thanks.  It was a good day.  Blessed.  Everything we’d always hoped it would be.

James, master of all he surveys.


Sophie and Louis climbing a hump of grassed-over farm stuff. Monarchs of the mound, rejoice!




Will and Jack check out the view. Hoping to catch a glimpse of the resident black bear.

A farmer and his boy. Pa and James exploring the old tree farm.


“Welcome Home, dear family” fills me with awe and gratitude, overflowing tears of joy.


That’s all for now, we’re headed out to the farm again shortly.  There is so much to do.  We’re thinking of picking up a new video camera and vlogging (isn’t that a fun word to say?) the restorations.  What do you think?