{Making a Home} “Done!”


That was the message that accompanied this photo that Brian sent from his phone before heading home tonight.  As you can see, the porch is now completely gone.  The house looks amazing to me.  It’s a little like the better someone looks after major surgery, and there is still a wound that needs healing, but you can see past that to the beauty that will come with time.

It was a long, exhausting week for everyone.  Three weeks of traveling back and forth to the farm – a 40 minute drive each way – and sometimes twice a day is taking a toll.  We knew that it would.  And there are several more weeks to go until we can move into the house.  But progress is being made and that is satisfying.

The old porch was one of the first things to be disposed of.  And the new porch will be one of the last things to be replaced. That makes this a watershed moment.  I wish, dear readers, that you could see the picture in my mind.  The one of this beautiful old house all finished.

But we shall come to that.  In time… in time…