{Making a Home} Un-Making

Our contractor’s crew begins this week.  So this weekend our crew got to work with demolition of the interior walls.  It’s such a shame to see it all go.  All that work.  Laths nailed by hand into place.  Hundreds.  Thousands.

And century-old plaster.  And real paper wall papers.

But all must make way for new wiring, heating, and plumbing.  For walls with fresh plaster and paint.  The millwork will be preserved and restored, denuded of paints and shellac.  Floors will be carefully stripped, smoothed and revived.

But for now, all is rubble and dust, and heat.

Carrie and Will sweep up dust and debris.

Pleasant sunlight streams through the tall windows

Brian works on a ladder to carefully remove elderly plaster and lath

Layers of paper fall away

How neatly the laths were set in place - angled in this corner, straight on the other walls

A pile of ancient laths wait to be taken outside to the skip

And plaster mingles with bits of antiquarian wallpaper on the floor