{Making a Home} Original Details

Exquisite.  Lovely.

I want to share some of the original details of our beautiful old house.  In their current state.  Before they are restored.

There is a particular beauty in the subtle decay.  It’s hard not to have a great deal of respect for a house that has stood so long – and so well – in the face of utter neglect.  If houses were sentient beings, I’d say she was waiting for us.  That she knew we were coming and held on until we arrived.

From the dining room, which will be grand.  Trees outside the house will be felled to allow more sunlight from the east and south.  Walls will be freshly plastered and painted.  Wood work will be gently stripped and re-painted.  The ceiling will receive a new {antique} chandelier.  A sparkling bauble worthy of a grand lady.

The built-in china cabinet in the southwest corner

An old brass knob. It will be cleaned up and polished, then replaced later.

The craquelure is lovely to me.

V-groove paneling on the sides and back of the cabinet will remain largely untouched.

Light and Dark.

This mantel has been living here in the dining room, but rightly belongs to the living room next door.

Beautiful woodwork requires very careful stripping of the paint so as to preserve the delicate detail.

Some of the stripping was begun by the previous owner. We are considering sending pieces out to be done - mostly because of the probable lead content.


More details from other rooms will come.  We’re enjoying giving you the Grand “Before” Tour, and are looking forward to unveiling the “After”!