So I was thinking…

…and quite a lot, about beauty.  And femininity.  And grace.  Then a couple of weeks ago, I saw a post by Katrina along the same lines.  And then I read this post and shared it with my friends on Facebook.  And there was some lively discussion about what is pretty, what is appropriate, what is modest, what is socially acceptable.

{I wrote an article for the Catholic Free Press about “Normal”, and whose standards we should be conforming to.  It was re-published here, if you’d like to read it.}

Mostly, the FB responses were from women who are also longing for a return to femininity.  And many of us agreed that we’d like to revive traditional beauty AND get some inspiration and support AND have a way to stay accountable for our collective resolution.

Now that Christmastide is winding down, I have given more thought to how I can work on reclaiming my femininity, embracing my womanhood.  At first, I was thinking just along the lines of fashion and beauty.  Then, after talking with my sister-friend Jenn, decided that a broader range of topics could be included for our collective edification.  I suddenly remembered a project outline I had jotted down last fall.  Yes, yes!  Perfect!

{Isn’t it amazing, wonderful, glorious how perfect God’s timing is?}

So, not only will we be concerning ourselves with our own appearances, but with our behaviour, our home-making, marriage, parenting, friendships…  It’s a whole package.

We’re going to try to revive some of that graceful, feminine {inner and outward} beauty and industry of our foremothers.  There will be posts to inspire you, suggestions toward changes that you can make, and probably also some tutorials.  And Family Centered Living™ will be joining in the fun as well, with articles about why we should think about all of this a little more, and how reclaiming our traditional motherhood can positively impact our families and community.

I’m working on a kind of manifesto for the endeavour (your suggestions welcome!), and then we’ll set up a page with information and a linky form.  After that, I’ll begin scheduling posts.  All you’ll need to do is post a comment after your blog post is published and the nifty little CommentLuv plugin will pick it up.

Life is full right now, so I don’t know how regular posts will be.  It’s a good idea if you subscribe to blog email notifications so you know when another has gone up.

For now, here’s a peek at the graphic:

{Renaissance Mama}


Are you excited?  Because I am SO excited.