Juice Fast:: Day 15

Scale says:: -17lb

Body says:: I like feeling lighter

Breakfast:: Johnny Watermelonseed

Lunch:: Chef’s Salad

Dinner:: Green Hornet smoothie (add plain or Greek yoghurt to the juice and give it a whiz)

The girls and I spent nine hours out shopping yesterday.  That sounds like Heaven to some of you, I’m sure.  And if it does, please submit your name for the next time that needs doing.  NOT my idea of a good time.  My back is still whining at me.  I’d rather be pottering around the farm, or playing with my sewing or knitting projects, or learning with my children.  But it was necessary to get everything yesterday done because Brian returned to work out near Boston this morning.

However, I found out that I have a whole lot more stamina than I used to.  That is a great thing!  And I’m a lot stronger than I thought.  When the arthritis flares, I have a hard time lugging stuff around, including small people.  When the pain and inflammation disappear, I am surprised at how much I really can do.  It’s amazing to feel ‘normal’.