{Made for Learning} Getting Organised

Over the last 15+ years of home education, I have tried various curricula and approaches.  I have found something to like about each.  None fit perfectly for our family on its own.

Fountains of Grace™ Overview

After several years of designing my own curriculum, I have finally put together a curriculum that is comprehensive enough to satisfy requirements, logical enough for my inner ‘Neat Nick’, and flexible enough for me to feel spontaneously creative.  And best of all, it works perfectly for a large family spanning several ‘grades’.

Fountains of Grace™ Overview

Today, I spent my afternoon escaping from ordination preparations by decorating the file box which will hold the entire curriculum.  The whole thing. Twelve plus years worth.  In ONE pretty box.

Fountains of Grace™ Storage Box

an ordinary file box made pretty with scrapbook papers and glue


I’m so excited!