Can you help?

Our adoption homestudy is almost complete. (yay!) Thursday is Brian’s solo interview with the social worker.  Then we’ll schedule a tour of the farmhouse… when we can get it finished.  We need to have an army of people who can wield hammers, sanders, paintbrushes and rags.  Our older kids have been an enormous help.  Our time is so limited – we need man (and woman) hours to put our temporary kitchen in, and the two floors, and paint the walls.

In the meantime, we’re working on co-ordinating a time to Skype with Sveta and Alexi.  We’re going so slowly right now.  Now we’re working a hosting arrangement that will bring them here for Christmas.  I am so looking forward to making some memories for them – simple memories.

Cookie baking.

Family meals.

Cutting the Christmas tree from the upper field and dragging it the ¼ mile back to the house.


Seeing the lights in Forest Park.

Attending Mass, listening to Papa preach on Christmas Eve.

Games and puzzles.

Christmas music.



The kids are excited about having them here with us to share everything that makes Christmastide so precious to us: making gifts for them, helping them to make gifts, and maybe playing in some snow!

And after Christmas, we hope that an invitation will come from the Ukraine government, allowing us to finalize their adoption.

And then there is Sergey.  He is in a different city altogether, and we aren’t sure if we can get him into a hosting program for Christmas.  We would dearly love to.  We all want to share those joys and memories with him, too.

Will you help us give them all the greatest Christmas gift ever by contributing $10, or as much as you can?  And will you share this post and our adoption page with friends and family?

You can send it through Paypal to “nissa_@_gadboisfamily_._com” and make sure you mark it for “The Gadbois Family Adoption” so that we can keep it separate.  And include your mailing address too so that we can thank you!