Scenes from the Farm: {Early Autumn}

Autumn, in all its glory, has begun to arrive at the farm.  First one tree, and then the next, and more and more until the hillsides are painted in gold, russet, crimson, and flame.  The evergreens alone retain their colour, and it provides a perfect foil for the vibrant hues of maple, birch, ash, oak, and elm.

There is a stillness this time of year, as if every creature has stopped to watch the changing display.  Only the wind seems to keep on playing, even increasing its activity, making music with the leaves.

Come, walk around the farm…

Sumac thicket

Sumac thicket


Poke and nettle

Fleabane along a fence




Queen Anne's lace


Milkweed down with dewdrops

Large paper birch specimen by the footpath


An old fencepost by the wall


Ruby and emerald


The beaver pond


Vibrant maple among decaying trees


Queen Anne's lace still in bloom


Spruce needles and tiny rosette cones