Picking Up Stitches

The autumn has flown right past us here.  Just as the leaves were changing, our lives were caught up in a dervish.  Time stood absolutely still for about a week following the unexpected and tragic loss of our cousin’s beautiful young daughter.  Although no one can truly understand what that loss feels like without having actually experienced it, there is a connection between parents – especially when your children are the same age – that allows us to comprehend some of that shock and pain.

And it made everything else we were struggling with here seem utterly insignificant.  But life demands that we keep up, whether we are emotionally present or not.  There were financial papers to file, bills to pay, work to be done, a farm to be operated, sick children to care for, ministry to be attended to… and a house to work on.  I’m afraid that the houses got the worst of the attention.  Laundry piled up and the farmhouse didn’t get any of our time.  And one of our computers chose this most inopportune time to crash, leaving no readable information on the hard drive.  Unfortunately, the previous back-up didn’t capture everything and we lost all of our photos, website files, and much of my publishing work.

Loose threads everywhere…

But now, we’re settling back into something like a routine, working on something like a plan.  And I have a bit of time to breathe and pick up stitches of a different sort:

{Family Centered Home} | Creating


Any serious knitter will tell you that there is great comfort in rhythmically stitching a garment, yarn sliding through your fingers, needles clicking.  It calms the mind.  And it allows me to focus, with love and anticipation, on the precious person who will wear what I am creating.  On something joyful and hopeful.  So that even when I am frustrated and worried about things I have limited control over, I can make an escape for a time, to a place where all is right and well.

This beautiful ombre wool {Madelinetosh DK in Filigree} will become a romper and pilot cap for this little man:

{Family Centered Home} | Creating


You formed my inmost being;

you knit me in my mother’s womb.  Psalm 139:13


Right after I’ve finished knitting a pair of matching cardis for Sophie and Joséphine {In Threes, knit from Brown Sheep Lambs Pride Superwash in Mysterious Fuschia}:

{Family Centered Home} | Creating


And making reversible pants (so lovely and warm) to match out of these fabrics:

{Family Centered Home} | Creating


And while I’m stitching, our contractor has gone back to work on some final structural repairs to the farmhouse.  We await delivery of cabinets, tiles, and paint.   We schedule time, limited as it is, to finish wood floors, paint, tile, and build cabinets so that we can move into our new home in time to begin a new liturgical year.  And we will need to find a few hours to repair roof damage to our barn resulting from a gust of wind from Hurricane Sandy – before the next snow falls.

How have you been keeping?  What are you creating today?