The King’s Remains

Blimey.  So cool.  Tests have confirmed that what archaeologists found under a council car park last August are indeed the remains of King Richard III.

We were bitten by the archaeological bug more than 15 years ago – right at the outset of our homeschooling journey – when an Anglo-Saxon burial ground was discovered on the RAF Base we lived on.  The dig was relatively open, protected only by a chain link fence.  We could walk from our quarters over to the site to watch the progress and chat with the archaeologists from Cambridge University.

This love of archaeology has fueled our love of history and science.  Every time a discovery has been made, we find ourselves rapt.  One day maybe we will be blessed with the opportunity to visit more places of archaeological importance.  It is such a gift to have pieces of our human history preserved underground, to have a glimpse into the lives of our forebears, to wonder at their every day lives, and to compare theirs to ours.

It is humbling to contemplate just how tenuous our own existence is when we consider than one meeting with misadventure would have prevents the branch of the family tree from which we sprang to ever have grown.

Just wow.

Follow the progress of the research into the burial site here.

I feel a bit of Shakespeare coming on…