Too fat…

Have you read this article?  I have seen it circulating for the past several days on Facebook.  I avoided reading it until this morning.

This is a major source of pain for me personally.  I am trying to accept what this writer is saying.  Because I know she’s right – on some level of my consciousness, I know she is right.

My kids have NO photographs of me.  I haven’t knowingly allowed photographs to be taken of me since the birth of my first child (nearly 21 years ago), with a small handful of exceptions.

I was a dancer when I was younger.  Tiny, never willowy, but fit.  I am appalled by my current size, third trimester of pregnancy notwithstanding.  This horrid self image is limiting to every single thing in my life.  Everything.

I have become a prisoner to my own self image.  It must stop.  Starting today.