A Litany of Scourging

There have been tears of every kind but joy this week.  We are hollowed out.  We are approaching this Holy Week empty.

“…this terrible pain is only the kiss of Jesus–a sign that you have come so close to Jesus on the cross that he can kiss you.” ~Bl. Teresa of Calcutta

A cold has been running through the house – the kind that results in croupy coughs in my asthmatic little ones, and full blown asthma attacks for the bigger ones.  Pray for us.

And Jo contracted a tummy bug, most likely bacterial, and spent the better part of three days vomiting and sleeping with momentary periods of drinking.  Yesterday, she managed to eat some toast, dipped in applesauce.  It was a lovely thing to see her eating. Thanks be to God.

Schedules have been totally disorganized and conflicting.  Complications from a parade of snowstorms, Cat and Jack off to their jobs, Brian telecommuting several days, cars in and out of commission, resulting in missed appointments, shopping by meal on the fly, and no scheduled rest. Pray for us.

It’s tax time, which makes the entire house tense with Brian trying to reconcile business, personal, and farm accounts – on his own this year.  Pray for us.

Deadlines for moving into our farmhouse (imposed by bank and insurance) fast approaching, and not enough time or funds or help to complete what needs doing.  Pray for us.

Threatened reduction in work hours for Brian – by half.  Pray for us.

A computer that only allows the most basic functions, meaning that I’m not getting much work done.  And I desperately need to work for the welfare of our entire family.  Pray for us.

Deadlines for our CSA right around the corner, and not yet enough to ensure a season.  Pray for us.

Late-arriving spring, meaning that animals that should be out on pasture, aren’t; and trees that should be running at full tilt have stopped in the freezing temperatures.  Pray for us.

And yesterday afternoon, I was making dinner and spilled boiling water on myself.  My belly.  And raised three very large blisters on the skin.  Pray for us.

But in the emptiness, there is the hope of being filled with victory – our own resurrection.  We are dying to all of these things, and will, God willing, rise again in the days to come.

The joy of loving Jesus comes from the joy of sharing in His sufferings.  So do not allow  yourself to be troubled or distressed, but believe in the joy of the Resurrection.  In all our lives, as in the life of Jesus, the Resurrection has to come, the joy of Easter has to dawn.” ~ Bl. Teresa of Calcutta

We are a people of hope.  And that hope is the glue that keeps us together.