I’ve been working diligently to get the new farmhouse ready for the family to move in.  This week I put on my plasterers hat (not as easy as I hoped).  We decided to reuse the barn board that was on this wall and plaster it instead, and re-purpose the board for another project (more on that latter).


After spending two long evenings after work plastering, I planned to arrive early Friday afternoon to finish it off.  BUT, the lovely spring day, and a quick trip to the field to gather the fence posts left last year turned into a two hour venture through the fields.  After pulling the fence posts out, I saw a white “thing” on the ground that I thought I’d pick up.


Turns out, it was the end part of an irrigation pipe left by a previous tenant.  It goes underground running toward the irrigation pond.  Couldn’t figure out if it runs all the way to the pond or if it is just an end partially buried.  A quick look around and I find some more treasures…


What looks like a drilled well…


… and what I think is a drain pipe.  All of which I think was part of what must have been a pretty massive irrigation system (well there is 15 acres of nursery trees).  I spent a while looking around for more, and trying to determine where the other end of this massive pipe might be, without success.  Hopefully, we will sort out what all of this is, and see if it can provide some service to the farm once again.

While on my adventure, I couldn’t resist snapping these photos of the landscape looking up at the farmhouse from the lower field.  I hadn’t been in this spot since we took our first official walk through the farm TWO YEARS AGO (time does fly – and certainly isn’t waiting for me).


And with a little zoom capability on my smart phone – a picture of the farm house from a perspective we don’t get very often…


So… didn’t finish plastering the wall on this afternoon… but so pleased to be able to enjoy the distraction of the adventure on this sunny afternoon.  One of what I hope is many, many more in the years to come.