Fairy Tale Lives

Aren’t always.  Choosing to present only beauty and goodness to the world doesn’t mean that bad things don’t happen, that hard times don’t come.  Children have special needs, parents get sick, people lose jobs and homes.  Friends pass away.

But holding a light up to the darkness encourages each of us on our way:

Fairy Tale Lives

Imagining perfection on the back side of this blog, or anyone’s blog, or Facebook posts; or behind a neighbour’s door, is too harsh.  On both people.  It can cause resentment and frustration.

Let us continue to focus on the beauty and goodness in life anyway.  Together.  And share that.  And lift each other up, light each other’s path.  Silently acknowledging that each of us has our trials.  {and pray for each other}

I was inspired to echo Ginny’s sentiments from this post.