Longing for Home

I have been longing to come back home to this blog.  And to stay here.  For a short while, or for a long time.  Who can say?


Longing for Home


I have been too long out in the world, specifically, Facebook.  I have enjoyed my time there: reading about lives of friends, exploring shared links,  swooning over babies and recipes, laughing at funny quotes and photos, offering prayers.  But as with every journey, every traveler grows weary at some point and must go home for a rest.

To cook in one’s own kitchen, and create in one’s own space.  To enjoy one’s own family, and garden.  To welcome people in to one’s own home for hospitality.

I have a fear of being alone, of being forgotten.  So please pop in and say hello.  Please.  Have tea with me.

The door is always open.  And this door.  And this one.  And if you’d like a heart-to-heart, or need a special prayer, slip a note through the mailbox, ask me to call.

{But if you want me to see your comments, please leave them here on our blog, since this is where I’ll be for now}

And if you have an online home, I’ll put you in my address book, and stop by your place with a little bouquet of flowers.  And we’ll meet there instead of at a busy café.  How does that sound?  Just write it down for me in the comments below.