{Joyful Family Journal}

There is hay coming in this morning from the fields – the last of the first cut.  In mid-August.  We aren’t sure if we will even get a second cut of hay this year.  It has been a rotten one for just about everything.  Too wet, too cold – with a smattering of back-to-back heat waves in the middle.  But this handsome fellow and his friends don’t seem to mind.

Red Devon

We aren’t expecting any CSA folks today, and we cancelled our Farm Day because I’ve been feeling so rotten with the arthritis flare.  So this morning, Brian and Jack went up ahead of us to meet Neil to bring in the hay.  The bottom seven are here with me to have some breakfast and tidy up before we leave.

Now that the stove is hooked up and working {we’re cooking with gas, baby!}, I can use it to make my floor wax.  So that’s what I’ll be doing this afternoon.  And I’ll probably be ‘boiling’ linseed oil as well.  I promised a tutorial on how I do that for the blog, so, God willing, I’ll get some decent photographs of the process for you.

The little boys’ room got a first coat of paint last night, and we will hopefully get that room finished up this afternoon.  Brian and the big boys had some challenges with the paint drying too quickly and causing clumps.  I think we can solve that problem by dampening the plaster and the rollers before starting to roll on the paint.  At least, we hope that will work.

I’m hoping to get some time to sit in our sunshiny living room and do some knitting on a purple cardi for Joséphine later on.  But the big question is: “What’s for dinner?”  I think I’ll do a roasted chicken and some baked potatoes.  And we’ll see what the garden has to offer up in the way of veggies on the side.

Later, we’ll all come back to the little house and fall into bed after baths.  Sounds like a good day’s work to me.