An Unexpected Visit

“Brendan’s here!” 

An unexpected, and wholly pleasant surprise.  Brendan and his wife Katia, and their two lovely boys were some of our very first farm friends.  They grazed their cows on our farm for our first two seasons. They have been so generous with their farm knowledge.  Last winter, they realized their dream of buying a large farm of their own.  Sadly, that has meant that they moved their family away to Maine.


One thing that wasn’t moved was their combine, which has been parked in our barn since last fall.

Last Saturday, Brendan arrived atop his blue Ford 7700 to collect the combine and take it to Maine for harvest.  After a brief visit and tour through the house to see the progress of the renovations since last year, he hopped onto the tractor and hooked up the combine and towed it around the barn, along the tractor path.  He stopped again, and stepped down from the tractor to shake Brian by the hand.

“If I don’t see you again”

And climbed back up.  He waved goodbye to the children, promised to give our greetings to Katia, and drove away down the road.

It was such a poignant moment: to be so happy for him and his family in their new home and doing so well, and to be so sad to see him leave.  Farmers don’t get much time for visiting, or for traveling around for social calls.  It may be a very long time before we do see either of them again.  But they are always close to our hearts and in our prayers.  And we will always be grateful for their kindness and friendship.