One Day at a Time

It is a beautiful Monday morning, with the autumn (it’s autumn already!) sun slanting through the windows.  I’m busy knitting a little hat for George, and alternating that with finishing a cardigan for Josie.  It feels good to be at home.  It feels good to be working on something tangible and making progress.




I’ve been feeling like I’m slipping backwards.

I spent the better part of last week at the hospital.  After a few hours in the ER, a CT scan showed a pretty large kidney stone lodged in my ureter, way up high.  I was sent home on heavy pain meds to wait it out, but wound up back in the hospital on Wednesday.  Thursday afternoon saw me in an OR having a stent placed to relieve my right kidney which wasn’t able to drain.

I’m feeling mostly better now, though it may well be that I now also have a stone in the left side.  I go back later this week for a check up and to decide what to do and when. They weren’t able to retrieve the first stone because of the condition of the kidney and ureter.  We’re waiting for the inflammation to subside.

Hopefully, I won’t need to go back in for the other side before my appointment on Thursday.

Will you please pray for Sr. Anne, my hospital roomie?  She is recovering from surgery and suffered a disappointing setback the day I left to come home.  We enjoyed visiting with each other.  She is a treasure.

Bless you!