Terra Firma


Brian and Georgie at the infusion center

It was a long day in the hospital today.  It started with a follow up with my surgeon where we decided on a plan of attack for the large kidney stone.  He confirmed that I have several smaller stones in the left kidney.  He expects that they’ll make their way out on their own as the others have done in the past.  We sprinted across the hospital {I use the term ‘sprint’ loosely 😉 } to the infusion center where we sat for three hours, played with George, chatted about the farm; and while Brian worked.

Thank goodness for flexible work arrangements, laptops and hospital wi-fi!

While we were waiting for the elevator to go and make my next surgery appointment, whom should we see but our own Father David?  What a lovely surprise.  I received his blessing and caught up.  We rode the elevator down and back up together.  By the time I was done with apopintments and errands, we were famished, so we stopped at our favourite sandwich shop in the hospital.  Yes, we have been there enough to have found a favourite. 🙂

I’m on the way back upward.  That’s the take-away from today.  The ground slipped out from under me for a little while, but I’m on terra firma now.

I have been treasuring the texts, emails and messages.  And I am so blessed by your prayers, especially those of my sisters from Magnum Opus.

It is so good to know, beyond all doubt, that there is redemption in suffering, that offering up this small thing for another invites grace.  Grace that multiplies.

God is good!