There and Back Again

I’m home from my second kidney procedure.  The stone was removed {thank goodness!} and the stent is gone.  Recovery so far has been rougher than expected.  The pain is about the same as what brought me to the ER a few weeks ago.  It should improve in a couple of days.  In the meantime, I’m on heavy meds again, which makes me sleepy.

So thankful to have it all behind me now and we’re all looking forward to getting on with things!

Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers, and especially to those who have emailed or PM’d Cat or Brian with your good wishes.

A note to those of you who make prayer shawls:  I have been wrapped in my prayer shawl throughout this recent health challenge.  It was made for and given to me nearly 7 years ago during another particularly awful flare.  I treasure it.  I can feel the prayers and blessings offered for me while it was being made, and after it was completed.  It, along with my prayer rope and the beautiful rosary tenner made for me by my friend Anne, are my constant companions in times of illness.  Just know that what you are creating is SO special.  Keep up the ministry and encourage more knitters and crocheters to join.