Our friend Henry and his crew arrived this afternoon to clear out overgrown nursery stock.  Much of it was half-dead, and we had already lost over an acre of cluster birches in an ice storm our first winter on the farm.  There is another two-acre area of trees that never seemed to take off and the cows have largely knocked those down.

These spruces are popping right out of the ground and leaving the soil in place (thank goodness!).  The remains of the trees will either be burned or dragged to the gravel pit along our west border to compost.  Pigs, cows, and goats have all grazed in the area and we are hoping we’ll have an opportunity to cover crop here before it gets too late in the year.

Between the livestock and the mechanical help, we will have added four more acres, give or take, of cropland.  That’s going to increase our CSA and farmstand capacity, as well as what we will be able to donate to area shelters.  Yay!

You can just see the maples turning there behind the little excavator.  Gorgeous.