Blog Rewind: Moving Day

A few days after Joséphine’s birthday, we packed out of our little house and moved into the farmhouse.  There was very little fanfare.  We made a swift decision to make the move based upon the unseasonably warm weather.  It often snows here in early November.  The forecast was for sunny, dry and 60s.  We seized our opportunity.

As I was coming down the stairs, I noticed my little ones gazing out of the open doorway at the proceedings.  I realized in that moment that they had never known any other home.  My youngest six were born at the little house.  It pierced my heart.


But waking up in our new home was everything we had hoped for… and more.  We spent the first several mornings just marveling at our surroundings.  It had been impossible to fully appreciate the peacefulness, and the abundance of wildlife surrounding the farm, just butsling to and fro for chores and work.  The quiet of the mornings here is truly, truly magical.

first morning on the farm

And watching our first snowfall from the bay windows, only two days after we moved in, filled us all with added wonder.

first snowfall

The first couple of weeks were an absolute delight in every way.  We sought out our special places, explored nooks and crannies both inside and out, that we hadn’t had the chance to explore before.  And I chased light…