{Making a Home} | Someday

While I was rummaging through my bits and pieces, I came across this piece of lace.  I made it way back before Brian and I were married.  I folded it up and put it into a box with some lavender for my “someday” house.  The dream house.

Someday | Springtime Filet Crochet Runner

Shortly after we welcomed our first child, we became an Air Force family.  And that lace just stayed in the box, and was joined by other pieces I made over the years.  I can remember a friend remonstrating with me over keeping those pieces squirreled away for our “someday” house.

“Use them now!” she said.  “What on earth are you saving them for?  Make your home beautiful now.  Enjoy them.”

I didn’t take her advice.  I kept them in that box.  For two decades I saved the lace pieces that I had made.  I am glad that I did.  Now that my fingers are unpredictable, it is possible I won’t be able to crochet replacements.

But this spring, this pretty piece of lace will sit on my beautiful buffet (the one we bought at the thrift store for $25), and remind me of the days when I was young and dreaming of a husband and family… and our “someday” house.  Someday has arrived.

Someday | Springtime Filet Crochet Runner