Maple Syrup Time

Well, nearly.  Thanks to everyone who has pre-ordered syrup through our little shop, we were able to purchase a complete sugaring outfit.  We should easily manage 500 taps for this year.  Next year, we will max out at closer to 800 of maple and perhaps 1500 of birch.  We may even be able to pick up additional equipment that will increase our production and efficiency.  Like, perhaps a log splitter?  Because poor Jack is already pooped out from all of the hand-splitting.  He has been braving the bitter cold to get wood cut up in time to start up the evaporator (we hope) this weekend.

And because we like multi-tasking, we are awaiting goat babies in the barn any day.  Lots of goat babies.  A couple of our older girls look like they might be carrying triplets. HUGE, they are.  And a couple more look like they may twin, and the first fresheners we expect singlets from.  If we’re lucky, we will double our herd in one go.  And if we’re luckier still, they’ll be mostly doelings like we had last year.

Remaining maple sales will go toward restoring the dairy so that we can apply for a license, remaining birch sales will go toward our adoption fund.

Jack, splitting wood for the evaporator


First you get the buckets ready, clean the pans and gather firewood,
Late in the winter, it’s maple syrup time.
You need warm and sunny days but still a cold and freezing nighttime
For just a few weeks, maple syrup time.
We boil and boil and boil and boil it all day long,
Till ninety sev’n percent of water evaporates just like this song
And when what is left is syrupy don’t leave it too long –
Watch out for burning! Maple syrup time.excerpted from “Maple Syrup Time” by Pete Seeger