Here we go again…

Over the Rainbow

Well.  I promised I would begin blogging when my beautiful bride started again.  She did.  So here I am.  This will be at least my third attempt at regular blogging.  In my first attempt, I spent weeks setting up my own blog – A Fathers Day with dreams of inspiring other Fathers to lead a faith-filled life.  Then made maybe two posts, then nothing… for months as my Diaconate Formation took over every spare minute I had.  I tried again here on this blog.  Looking back, its been more than a year since I tried the second time.  Then, it was renovating our new home that took every spare minute.  Much has changed since then and I wont try to list it all here.  Hopefully, this attempt will be more fruitful and all will be revealed.  For now, suffice it to say that our family life is busy, the farm is in high gear, my diaconate ministry continues to be challenging, and somewhere in there I fit in a full time job consulting for a large government contractor.  Any one or all of these could begin to take up the little spare time I now have.  I long for all this to come together as a single integrated lifestyle where work, ministry and family are all one and the same.  But until God blesses me with that gift – I will continue to do my best to follow his calling.  As they say, his plan for me is much better than anything I can imagine for myself.


Deacon Brian aka “The Deke”