Annual Celebration

This past weekend, I had the privilege of attending the Diaconate ordination for our local diocese.  Ten men were ordained – 5 on their way to priesthood, 5 to remain “Permanent Deacons.”  This is my favorite Diocesan event of the year – and this will make six years in a row Nissa and I have attended.  If you haven’t been to an ordination, you must go at least once.  It is very much like a wedding, and as Nissa likes to say – this time all the eyes are on the guys.  There is something about a mass attended by multiple bishops, and scores and scores of Priests and Deacons.  For me, it reminds my of my own Ordination – which tends to fade away as a memory over the course of the year as I go about my day to day bustling.  Witnessing the Litany of the Saints again, with hundreds of people praying over the men as they lay prostrate, completely submissive to the Holy Spirit, brings me back to my own ordination in that moment of complete peace.  Hearing the vows again that I took, reminds me of my own obligation to pray and work for the people of God.  I leave each time totally reinvigorated and ready to serve His people.

2014 Ordination

And this year, I had the privilege of serving with my good friend Rich Menard at his Mass of Thanksgiving.  Rich and Diane and their kids are good friends of ours from our Charlton home.  We attended the same church and served together in many of the church ministries together.  Both of us are young as far as Deacons go, Rich now being, I think, the youngest Deacon in the Diocese.  He has told me that our family was an inspiration for his, and just being seeing him makes me want to live up to that high standard.  He and his family are truly worthy of this honor and will make a wonderful witness to the faith.

And as if the day couldn’t get any better, our good friend, and Joséphine’s Godfather, Deacon Bill Hays also served at the Mass.  This was Bill’s last mass in our Diocese (at least as an assigned Deacon) as he leaves for Cape Cod to spend more time with his wife, (and Jo’s Godmother) Jean.

Rich Menard Mass of Thanksgiving

Ad Multos Annos my brothers!


Deacon Brian