{Blog Rewind}: First Communion

This has been a wonderful year for sacraments.  A baptism, a confirmation, a first penance, and TWO first holy communions.  Sophie wasn’t able to make her first communion last year because we chose to prepare her at home.  We worked with Father and are very pleased to say that not only will our children receive the sacraments as usual from now on, but that there is now a homeschool ministry at our parish.

“I’ve been waiting so long,” Louis said, with tears in his eyes.

Louis and Sophie were so excited about receiving Jesus for the first time.  Papa proclaimed the Gospel and delivered a beautiful homily.  He also helped Father Dave with the enrollment in the scapular.  Father has a deep devotion to the Blessed Mother and it shows sweetly in the culture of our little parish.

Father noticed Sophie’s blue satin sash straight away, and knew that it was in honour of Our lady, whom Sophie was named for… twice. 🙂  She also wore the tiara and veil that Catherine and Caroline wore before her.  In a few short years, it will be Joséphine’s turn.

I’m still under stacks of books and tools here in the temporary schoolroom, and elbow deep in adoption forms for the next part of our adoption process, so I thought I’d rewind the blog and share some photos from Sophie’s and Louis’ First Communion.  These portraits were taken in about 10 minutes’ time, just as we were heading out the door.










We had a beautiful day, and came home to a small celebration dinner and cake.  And candies.  All of the special treats reserved for extra special occasions.  It was truly lovely.