Love is the Flower

“How can there be too many children? That is like saying

there are too many flowers.” – Bl. Teresa of Calcutta




As we heard in the Gospel reading on Sunday, there are many ways to serve God through service to others.  Some of us work in homeless shelters or soup kitchens, some of us minister to the sick at home or in hospice or hospital settings, some of us minister to prisoners.

Some are called to care for children. 

Brian and I have been involved with adoption in various ways over the last 12 years, mostly as advocates, but also as hosts, always knowing that God had particular children chosen to be part of our family from before they were formed in the womb.

We have reached out to adopt several children – mainly sibling groups – over those years.  It was never the right time for us.  Every time we had been disappointed for one reason or another, we were heartbroken.  But we have kept each and every one of those children in our hearts.  Many are now grown, and some may even be parents now.

This spring, we were surprised by two children.  We weren’t actively pursuing adoption because life was full with having just moved, and our farm business just taking hold.  We prayed long and hard about them, talked a lot.  We discerned that never before had a situation had all the marks of grace that this one did. 

And so we have completed our home study interviews, and our dossier is nearly complete.  Just before Christmas, that dossier will be sent to Bulgaria and we will anxiously await an invitation from the court.  With the added delay from Christmas holidays overseas (a government that shuts down for several weeks to honour the King of Kings!), we expect that invitation will come somewhere around the end of February, possibly into March.  And, God willing, the children may be home around Mother’s Day, but could be as late as August.

You see a Reece’s Rainbow link there in our blog sidebar.  That is a grant fund that has been established for us.  Contributions are tax deductible.  Right now we are issuing a St. Nicholas Purse challenge: collect up all of your change from now until December 6th (St. Nicholas Day), and donate what you collect to our Reece’s Rainbow page.  You can do that by using the online link, or by sending a check (no fees taken!) to:

Reece’s Rainbow

RE: Gadbois Family

PO Box 277

Monrovia, MD 21770

We have several other fundraisers coming up, including two auctions, and a family fun walk here on the farm!

“A flower cannot blossom without sunshine, and man cannot live without love.” – Max Müller