Gather ‘Round the Table



Every year, we choose a night to celebrate Hanukkah, generally the first or last evening.  We decided that, since Hanukkah ends on Christmas Eve, a really busy night for clergy families, that the first night was it.  This year, it also happened to coincide with one of Brian’s rare commuting days.  So we ate very late and didn’t have time for our customary dreidel game.

We did have a wonderful meal, and by the time it was over, it was the fourth night of Hanukkah.  The menorah had lit itself!  The first candle leaned over to light the second, the second lit the third, and the third lit the fourth – our own Hanukkah miracle.

So we will play dreidel tonight.  If you hear loud, happy noises coming from the farm, you’ll know why.




Happy Hanukkah everyone!