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Here we go again…

Over the Rainbow

Well.  I promised I would begin blogging when my beautiful bride started again.  She did.  So here I am.  This will be at least my third attempt at regular blogging.  In my first attempt, I spent weeks setting up my own blog – A Fathers Day with dreams of inspiring other Fathers to lead a faith-filled life.  Then made maybe two posts, then nothing… for months as my Diaconate Formation took over every spare minute I had.  I tried again here on this blog.  Looking back, its been more than a year since I tried the second time.  Then, it was renovating our new home that took every spare minute.  Much has changed since then and I wont try to list it all here.  Hopefully, this attempt will be more fruitful and all will be revealed.  For now, suffice it to say that our family life is busy, the farm is in high gear, my diaconate ministry continues to be challenging, and somewhere in there I fit in a full time job consulting for a large government contractor.  Any one or all of these could begin to take up the little spare time I now have.  I long for all this to come together as a single integrated lifestyle where work, ministry and family are all one and the same.  But until God blesses me with that gift – I will continue to do my best to follow his calling.  As they say, his plan for me is much better than anything I can imagine for myself.


Deacon Brian aka “The Deke”



I’ve been working diligently to get the new farmhouse ready for the family to move in.  This week I put on my plasterers hat (not as easy as I hoped).  We decided to reuse the barn board that was on this wall and plaster it instead, and re-purpose the board for another project (more on that latter).


After spending two long evenings after work plastering, I planned to arrive early Friday afternoon to finish it off.  BUT, the lovely spring day, and a quick trip to the field to gather the fence posts left last year turned into a two hour venture through the fields.  After pulling the fence posts out, I saw a white “thing” on the ground that I thought I’d pick up.


Turns out, it was the end part of an irrigation pipe left by a previous tenant.  It goes underground running toward the irrigation pond.  Couldn’t figure out if it runs all the way to the pond or if it is just an end partially buried.  A quick look around and I find some more treasures…


What looks like a drilled well…


… and what I think is a drain pipe.  All of which I think was part of what must have been a pretty massive irrigation system (well there is 15 acres of nursery trees).  I spent a while looking around for more, and trying to determine where the other end of this massive pipe might be, without success.  Hopefully, we will sort out what all of this is, and see if it can provide some service to the farm once again.

While on my adventure, I couldn’t resist snapping these photos of the landscape looking up at the farmhouse from the lower field.  I hadn’t been in this spot since we took our first official walk through the farm TWO YEARS AGO (time does fly – and certainly isn’t waiting for me).


And with a little zoom capability on my smart phone – a picture of the farm house from a perspective we don’t get very often…


So… didn’t finish plastering the wall on this afternoon… but so pleased to be able to enjoy the distraction of the adventure on this sunny afternoon.  One of what I hope is many, many more in the years to come.



The Baptism of the Lord…

“This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased.”  (Mt 3:17)  The end of the Gospel passage on the Baptism of the Lord by St Matthew, in which the Holy Spirit and God himself announce the arrival of our Savior to the world.  And as I hear these words and look upon our eight children, I cannot help by feel the pride I have in each of them, each different and special in their own way.  To me, each one of them is God himself in my life.  And I think of all the events in each of their lives where that feeling of pride that only a parent can feel.

And yet, as I hear those simple words, I know that I have not done what I need to let each of them know well pleased I am of them.  How easy it is to let life get in the way.  To let the hectic rush of living cloud the daily inspiration they each bring to me.  To let the emotions of an uncleaned room, or chores left unfinished, or just an interuption of what at the moment felt like something more important leads to just the opposite feedback.  Perhaps a sharp word or a look of irritation – each taking away from what I should be saying, the message I should be giving.

With God’s help then, I will endeavor to keep those words in my thoughts each day as I look upon the great gifts God has bestowed in each one and remember – This is my beloved Child, with whom I am well pleased – and make sure each one knows it.

Papa blogs:: My favorite gifts …

My "hand" made shirt

As we approach Christmas this year, the family is abuzz with work on hand made gifts for brothers, sisters and parents.  It always puts a smile on my face, as I feel there is nothing better to give than something that comes straight from the heart.  I look back with fondness of my favorite gifts.  Over my dresser is the cross-stitched picture of the bald eagle my oldest daughter Catherine made me for Christmas many years ago.  Next to it a picture of William raking leaves in a hand painted and decorated frame.  Over my desk, a cork board covered in felt with hand made push pins made by the kids.

And my absolute favorite – hanging in the closet – a black T-shirt with a paint handprint of all my dear Children.  I love to wear it on my business trips away from home when I am alone in a hotel room.  It keeps them all close to my heart.  None of these cost much to make, but each was made with love for me and were made using their individual gifts from God.  I love each one and look forward to looking under the Christmas tree to find out what I get to add to my collection this year.

Papa Blogs:: A new beginning

As we celebrate the season of Advent in our home, which is also the beginning of the Church year, I thought it would be a good time to also begin posting my thoughts to the family blog.

I am viewing this coming year as a significant time in our family history, a story that is unfolding before me daily to my total amazement.  After a 5 plus year search for a family homestead, a search that took us across New England and as far away as Kentucky, we are patiently waiting for final approvals on a farm in close by to our current home.  If all goes well, we will be moving to our new home in the spring, and with that will come a major shift in our very way of life. We will begin a commercial farming operation and raise food and animals for our own family’s needs.  This will also provide us an opportunity to raise food for friends and neighbors in need of healthy food.

While we were looking for our new home, I took a short absence from my schooling in the Diaconate program in the Diocese of Worcester.  I will be returning to the program in January.  With 18 months remaining to ordination as a Deacon, I will be starting my internship shortly after returning to class.  This will also mark a significant change in my faith journey as I begin active ministry in our new parish home.

And not the least signifantly, we welcomed our eighth child, Josephine, into our family this past month.  With children ranging in age from 18 to newborn – we will have that many more family activities and events on the horizon.

So as I begin a new year, I look forward with great anticipation (and a little apprehension) to find out how the road God has laid out for us will continue to reveal itself.

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