{This Moment}

Sophie, looking out on the field behind our barn on our last hay day.

A Day at the Park

Summertime means trips to the neighbourhood school playground.  Swings, climbing structures, slides, and a really good hill for rolling down.


Shoes come off:

And the swings beckon::



They climbed and rocked::

And had a grand time.  What kinds of summer fun are you having?

Hot Fun in the Summertime

Oh, it’s so hot.  We’ve blood that is much too thick for these temperatures.  But we make the best of it.  When the fans just don’t do anything to help, we haul out the hose and send the kids out to the front yard.  I’m sure it provides endless amusement for the neighbours.  Good old-fashioned fun.

The heat wave has provided a lovely opportunity for distraction from the bustle. Right now, we’re commuting three hours a day back and forth to the farm for chores and to keep an eye on the restorations.

And Brian is still working.

And there is a household to manage.  And children to tend.

And I’m working, too.  Rebuilding my event planning business, and getting ready to publish a new magazine for homeschoolers (more info to come).  I like busy.  I *really * like busy.  But even I get tired and need a diversion.

Watching my kids smile, laugh, and just be kids is a perfect one.  It reconnects me with what is truly important, and precious, in my life.

This winter baby thinks that summer is very exciting.


We’re really missing Jack, who is away at camp this week – his last Yawgoog week as a boy scout.  Making wonderful memories to last a lifetime.  And probably staying close to the lake – swimming, boating, fishing – to stay cool.  We’ll be so happy to see him on Sunday afternoon.

What will you be doing to keep cool with your loves this weekend?

A Piece of Quiet

I have been a very lax correspondent.  It has been weeks since anyone has posted anything here.  The days have been long, and quiet moments (and sleep) have been in very short supply.  The house and farm are coming along and I promise I’ll get some pictures up soon.

Right now the house is up on jacks, having her sills replaced.  Our fantastic contractor very sensitively transplanted antique barn beams to our foundation.  It was a very sweet, thoughtful, loving thing to do.  And it is a lovely surprise.  Everything is being carefully dismantled and set aside to await their final fate.  Most materials will be re-purposed for the house or projects around the farm – a greenhouse, chicken tractors, a wendy house, repairs to the milkhouse… Or whatever else we determine we need.  The rescued bricks from the unused chimney may be laid out for a patio.  An unused stone foundation from an original barn will be used as a retaining wall for terraces around the house.  That is going to be gorgeous!

The pigs are growing like topsy, and the goats are a delight.  Eight new gals arrived on our farm several days ago, and three of them are giving the loveliest milk ever – and plenty of it.  Which means, of course, that I need to get moving and make some cheeses and yoghurts from the surplus while we work on getting our dairy licensed to sell milk to our CSA members.

Meanwhile, we are still living in our little house.  And that means traveling back and forth every day for farm chores.  Early mornings, late nights.  And Joséphine still wakes to nurse in the night.  Thankfully she drifts right back off to sleep.

But it is those precious intermissions throughout the day that provide me with what our Sophie calls “a piece of quiet”.  A chance to drink her (Josie) in, to delight in our other children, to absorb all that is going on, and to reflect on how terribly blessed we are.

My St. Benedict crucifix:: A first plaything for each of the last three children

Dependence. Trust. Love, unconditional.


I hope you are well.  Leave me a message to let me know how your family is keeping.

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