Celebrating Every Day


Our family is growing again!  This time to include a new son.  Our oldest daughter is engaged to be married to a wonderful young man whom we have known for many years.  We are so blessed to be granted the grace of watching them plan a holy marriage together.  We hope that it will also be one blessed with strength and joy.

©Nissa Gadbois

©Nissa Gadbois

©Nissa Gadbois

©Nissa GadboisBrian blesses the newly engaged couple.

A Sprig with its Flower

In the dooryard fronting an old farm-house near the white-wash’d palings, Stands the lilac-bush tall-growing with heart-shaped leaves of rich green, with many a pointed blossom rising delicate, with the perfume strong I love, With every leaf a miracle – and from this bush in the dooryard, With delicate-color’d blossoms and heart-shaped leaves of rich green, A sprig with its flower I break. – Walt Whitman
Watercolour Lilacs | ©Nissa Gadbois
I have always loved lilacs.  I lament that they don’t last longer.  But perhaps if they did, they wouldn’t be so precious. 

Please see the fundraiser in our sidebar, and contribute if you are able.  If you click through, you can share our fundraising campaign with your friends and family, too.  We have been surprised by gifts from people we don’t know – such a blessing to bring strangers together for a common cause.

Reach for the Stars

We sit in the mud… and reach for the stars. – Ivan Turgenev
mud pies
In the hands of a child, ordinary dirt and water become a fantastical bakery for royalty, or for fairies, or to feed the poor and hungry.  Or all of those all at once.  Would that we adults could remember.  And dream dreams, imagine worlds, that are improbable but not impossible.  Oh, the wonders we could work.

Happy. Holy. Home.


“Like happiness, holiness is always tied to little gestures. These little gestures are those we learn at home, in the family; they get lost amid all the other things we do, yet they do make each day different. They are the quiet things done by mothers and grandmothers, by fathers and grandfathers, by children, by siblings. They are little signs of tenderness, affection and compassion. Like the warm supper we look forward to at night, the early lunch awaiting someone who gets up early to go to work. Homely gestures. Like a blessing before we go to bed, or a hug after we return from a hard day’s work. “ – Pope Francis








Favourite Things

Christmas morning was warm and rainy – very UN-New England like.

And I was the first one up – very UN-me like.  There was time to get the coffee made and the camera all set up before the kids got up.

Favourite Things


Favourite Things


This year, everyone received books – lots of books.  Some were unwrapped – those meant to be shared with the entire family.  The rest were wrapped for someone special.  There were new games, miniature pots and pans, felt sandwich fixings, new Schleich dinosaurs, and, as always, handmade gifts.  Those are always the favourites.  When gift opening was finished, we enjoyed our traditional Christmas breakfast of homemade cinnamon buns, hard boiled eggs, and cocoa.

The rest of the day was spent reading, playing, and cooking dinner: a home-cured and smoked ham and all the trimmings.  We were too stuffed for dessert and had to take a nap first. 🙂  And then some of us had to take another nap after dessert.

And we are still Christmas-ing… at least for a few more days.



Favourite Things

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