{Creating} :: Pressed Flower Bookmarks

These are so beautiful.  They’ll be available on the kids’ Etsy shop soon, and probably also on our Family Centered Living Catalogue, too.

Asters and hydrangeas gathered from the farm:

{Creating} : Pressed Flower Bookmarks

{Creating} : Pressed Flower Bookmarks

{Creating} : Pressed Flower Bookmarks

{Creating} : Pressed Flower Bookmarks

 So pretty:{Creating} : Pressed Flower Bookmarks

{Creating} : Pressed Flower Bookmarks

On the needles.

Last week, my reluctant knitter surprised me.  She began to knit.

I shouldn’t have been surprised at all, really.  It’s the way she’s always done everything.  She thinks about things, silently studies them.  She gives them a brief try, then puts them down for a loooong time, and ponders.  When she’s ready, she’s off like a rocket.  And not only quick and focused, but proficient:

On the Needles

She inspired her little sister, who took out her basket and sat down alongside and knit away. {notice how each girl not only chose her favourite colour, but was wearing it as well. 🙂 }

On the Needles


Knitting continued all evening until bed time.  Caroline’s striped blanket for her new room in her signature earthy colourway – greens and browns.

On the Needles

Sophie working on a skinny scarf for her big sister Cat, to thank her for the gift of her fully-stocked knitting basket on her last birthday.

On the Needles

It’s a good thing we raise sheep.  We now have four knitters in the house.

One Day at a Time

It is a beautiful Monday morning, with the autumn (it’s autumn already!) sun slanting through the windows.  I’m busy knitting a little hat for George, and alternating that with finishing a cardigan for Josie.  It feels good to be at home.  It feels good to be working on something tangible and making progress.




I’ve been feeling like I’m slipping backwards.

I spent the better part of last week at the hospital.  After a few hours in the ER, a CT scan showed a pretty large kidney stone lodged in my ureter, way up high.  I was sent home on heavy pain meds to wait it out, but wound up back in the hospital on Wednesday.  Thursday afternoon saw me in an OR having a stent placed to relieve my right kidney which wasn’t able to drain.

I’m feeling mostly better now, though it may well be that I now also have a stone in the left side.  I go back later this week for a check up and to decide what to do and when. They weren’t able to retrieve the first stone because of the condition of the kidney and ureter.  We’re waiting for the inflammation to subside.

Hopefully, I won’t need to go back in for the other side before my appointment on Thursday.

Will you please pray for Sr. Anne, my hospital roomie?  She is recovering from surgery and suffered a disappointing setback the day I left to come home.  We enjoyed visiting with each other.  She is a treasure.

Bless you!

Free Pattern: Knitted Longies

A reboot of the original from the Simple Gifts blog back in 2008.  It was favourited 149 times on Ravelry, made by 26 people, and received a 5 star rating.  Wow!

I’m working on improving this pattern to have some tush shaping, and in a range of sizes from newborn to maybe a size 3.  And the kimono pattern is coming up and will be added to the pattern leaflet for the new longies.  Yay!

Here’s little George (brandy new) wearing the longies I made for James.

Georgie in longies

And here is a freebie knitting pattern adapted from several I have on hand. These are knit in the round, which is my favourite method. There is very little finish work, and no seams to rub, and the stretch is divine. This pattern is for a new babe:

skein worsted weight wool yarn (I love merino, or Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride which is delicious)
size 7(US) dpn or circular needles.

CO 62. Work K2P1 rib (or your favourite) around. Increase 22 sts evenly over next rnd (84 sts). Work even until work measures 8 in. Divide the stitches between two small circular needles, or two sets of dpns. Or even put one set on the circ.

While working one set on dpns. work each set evenly until each leg measures 8″ long, work 1″ of garter stitch or rib, finish off. Work second leg as for first.   Pick up 4 sts from the inside of each leg and graft together, or simply sew the crotch together.  VOILA!

They go really well with the kimono top I designed for James.

{Keep Calm and Craft On} :: Crocheted Mittens

Four days to the end of the month.  The month we thought that we would finally be moving into the farmhouse.  After so many projected move in dates have come and gone, you’d think it wouldn’t be so disappointing.  There is still so much to be done.  We can’t seem to make any headway.  Just when we get into a groove, something comes up to thwart our efforts.   My health has rendered me useless for renovations, so I go along to lead a cheer, to fix a meal in the new kitchen, to direct the action.


This past weekend, The Squirrel began sounding very bad indeed.  It went into the garage this morning and the email back from our {totally wonderful} mechanic expressed her gratitude for our safety.  It is that bad.  Basically, we had one wheel that was coming off.  Coming off.  It was a close call.

In the midst of our gratitude that we didn’t have a tragedy to report, we are scrambling to figure out how Brian will get to work (it is our only vehicle), and how we will get back and forth to the farm.  And it is likely that the savings we have allocated for the rest of the materials for renovations will be spent fixing the bus.

And it looks like an early winter, too.  The garden is struggling along after an abysmal start to the season and the livestock all think that it is October.  The girls are coming on heat, the chickens are molting and have stopped laying almost entirely.

So I’m sitting down with my wool and hook, and focusing on making up some pretty mittens to keep in a basket by the door – whichever door that might be – and trying to think positively.  Praying with each stitch, offering up the pain in my hand from this most recent flare.  Keeping calm and crafting on.



They’re looking so well that I have decided to postpone the re-release of my vintage mitten pattern so that I can feature these newest ones.  Bonus!

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