Prayer and Fasting, Fasting and Prayer

In just under three weeks, Brian will be ordained to the diaconate.  We will become a deacon’s family.  An auspicious occasion, to say the least.  On such occasions, it is traditional to fast and pray, in order to prepare oneself in body, mind, and spirit.

But it isn’t a completely pious pursuit.  I have become concerned that I won’t fit into my new suit.  And in the interest of responsibly stewarding our hard-earned income, I would like not to have to buy another.  And anyway, I could do without another try-on session in a department store fitting room that is equipped with hideous lighting and an evil trick mirror which makes me look like… well… never mind.

This beautiful bunch of produce will soon be transformed into a drink worthy of a 3rd grader's fondest gross-out fantasy. It's actually not terrible - and it is really quite good-for-you.



So, I’m doing a juice fast for the next couple of weeks.  I’m hoping that I’ll drop a dress size and get myself a headstart to feeling and being better.  Giving up solid foods for three weeks is going to be a challenge.  I love food – I love the smell, the look, the taste… I love thinking about cooking for my family and inventing recipes.  I look forward to enjoyable meals.


It’s going to take an awful lot of prayer to get through these few days.  I’m going to be relying heavily on my prayer rope and rosary to get me through. Lots of begging for mercy, which is why the Jesus Prayer and the Chaplet of Divine Mercy will come in handy. I may need back-up beads.

Mortification…  Dying to myself to become the person I was made to be.

I think I like this type of mortification better than the type that comes from inserting my hoof into my mouth.

I turned to the Lord God, to seek help, in prayer and petition, with fasting, sackcloth, and ashes. – Daniel 3:9 (NAB)

Good Daniel did know a thing or two about avoiding overindulgence in choice food.  I’ll be foregoing the sackcloth and ashes this time.  What I will be partaking in is some “Mean Green Juice”.